Date: 18th December 2018 at 8:30am
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With Leeds United taking another three points from our trip to Bolton Wanderers last Saturday, centre-half and modern day legend Pontus Jansson sent his own message to the fans post-game.

As fans will know, the 27-year-old is very regular on social media and he seems to relish the interaction it brings and the platform it gives him as he subtly (or not so, on occasions) makes his point known.

Given his usual ‘message’ to the fans following matches it follows the same sort of trend but with the news last week about Samu Saiz and his desire to return to Spain with his missus not settling and those personal issues, I shouldn’t be surprised to see some twist what he said into being a dig towards him – and that’s exactly what some did.

It’s more sensational, those ‘articles’ will no doubt get more reads than this one will, but I don’t see it and given I assume the players know Saiz’s situation far better than we do, and from what I’ve read Saiz’s reasons for wanting to leave are kosher and 100% understandable, those accusations just aren’t believable for me.

It would fly in the face of everything we’ve seen about the spirit in the group and given ongoing injury issues (yet whatever injuries we get and the importance of those players to us, we keep marching on at the top of the table) that makes far more sense on a message front to simple old me, even if there is an element of Saiz now no longer playing his part involved in that.

A statement of ‘we are ready for every challenge’ is spot on – a dig at a teammate, no chance.

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