Date: 5th August 2018 at 7:00am
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The transfer of Ronaldo Vieira to Sampdoria last week certainly raised eyebrows within the Leeds United fan base.

A fee of reportedly £7.7million was agreed seeing the young 20-year-old head to Italy and whilst fans were torn on his departure owing to his performances last season and many believing that he had now hit his ceiling, many more believed it was a pathetic fee for a player of such talent and despite any dip in his form, he would come through it and develop further.

His talent is undeniable but he’s young and that brings consistency issues which any fan must understand. Having sold Lewis Cook previously and him now spoken about as a potential £30million player, that created its own debate on cashing in quickly with no thought to the future and possible sell on fees as a tangent.

Credit to Radrizzani for breaking the silence after an incredibly quiet summer so far and my personal opinion is he’s being harshly treated over his choice of words from fans who reacted in the moment without actually considering Financial Fair Play.

I do however see why reacting in the moment wouldn’t give rise to greater thought in this case, because we’ve been so quiet and what I think Radz probably meant to explain was Vieira was a ‘sacrifice’ based on previous years of less than great management on an FFP front. Most seem to have taken it as Vieira was sold to fund Patrick Bamford and in fairness, Radz says that himself but I don’t think he does himself justice in the lack of qualification.

Our owner did hand the player a new four-year deal upon his own arrival and manager Marcelo Bielsa has already said it was a board decision that he simply has to ‘adapt to’.

He told the Yorkshire Evening Post.

“To be honest and fair, Marcelo told me he was a player who had value and he could count on him, not in the line-up but as a first option on the bench. To give me advice, he said ‘if you take £7m this year you would take double next year for the way he will go.’ I’m not stupid, I don’t want to lose money and I know I could sell for more next year, but the club unfortunately needs to have some injection. We need to focus investment on what we need. At this moment we needed a striker and we need players with other characteristics so we had to take this sacrifice. It was very difficult for me. It’s a sacrifice that even if I didn’t want, I had to do.”

I accept I’m probably in the minority.

“I joked with him and said I hope to be in the Premier League and buy him back. I hope this joke can become true one day.”


6 Replies to ““Desperate For Money” “We Are Skint” – Some Leeds Fan Rage At Radrizzani Admission”

  • In a nutshell Radz is buying and selling, in this case because it is imperative, to have the finance to make the squad balanced in terms of positions with quality players. He has bought back the stadium, invested in refurbishment (ongoing) and is building a good side. He understands finance and business and is trying to achieve the result in a sustainable way. Radz will make Leeds great again, but there will be sacrifices along the way. We can’t always have our cake and eat it!

  • Apparently a large selection of Leeds fans are now top class business men! The stability that Radz has bought to Elland road is fantastic and the squad we have now is miles better than what we had last season, I’m feeling full of optimism and think we can really kick on under Bielsa. MOT

  • It’s time some of the Leeds fans had a reality check.
    Radrizzani is not a rich man in in football ownership terms. He doesn’t have the money that the Man City’s and Chelsea”s have. He doesn’t have 100 million parachute payment and when he took over our club, we didn’t even have our own ground!
    He is trying to rebuild the club in the correct way and I for one prefer that to some oligarch using the club as his plaything and then tossing it aside when he’s bored!
    Get a grip on reality you lot!

  • Glad to see positive comments on here and not slagging off Radrizzani. All these so called fans whinging and whining about where the money has gone and why we don’t buy this person or that. We are fans of a football club fellas but that football club is also a business. Things have to be done in the correct way for sustainability (remember Risdale). So stop whinging about things you have no knowledge about and get behind Bielsa and the boys. Negatives are for other clubs. So if that’s what you want then go and “support” some other team. MOT

  • Arghhh LUFC and ownership
    Travesty that historically we’ve never had owners to match “ some” of the best fans in the world.!
    Is it correct to compare Radrizzani’s tenure to Bates and GHF Cellino ?

    ANYBODY after that lot would surely have been an improvement?

    The Close season tour was a disgrace, to have our great club associated with that regime just to benefit Radz The Rats other business interests disgusts me.
    Are we so desperate for money ( or Radz T R ) that he took our great club there?
    Apparently so
    He’s nothing more than an asset stripping Italian con man IMO .
    Sold Wood and Taylor , reinvested some of proceeds in speculative / unproven “ cheap” imports.
    Victor Orta?
    Failed at Middlesbrough and failing at Elland Road
    RV sale the last straw for me
    My son still a season ticket holder
    For the best fans in the world I want us to beat Stoke
    For Ratz to be seen smugly smiling after a win I DO NOT
    What a quandary
    Take a point and lurch on to the next financial hurdle?
    MOT are we?

    • Richard Ellis. just the point made by Dave. A whinger who knows nothing about business. Go and support another club mate. We are Leeds. You just seem to want to slag them off

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