Date: 17th July 2019 at 5:25am
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The surprise departure of Pontus Jansson to Brentford the other week certainly sparked a mixed reaction in the Leeds United fanbase.

These Leeds Fans Don’t Believe Jansson’s FFP Comments & They Are Right To

With the Swedish legend making reference to Financial Fair Play as the reason behind the move given all the claims and counterclaims being made by pundits in the press, plenty immediately doubted his words given the fee for the 28-year-old was only £5.5million and so low in the current market. Add that to the pure profit we make on the deal from Jack Clarke, many thought it simply fuelled the talk of a falling out and for those who did believe him, they naturally worried given the speculation surrounding Kalvin Phillips at the point.

Club director Paul Bell recently held a question and answer session with Leeds Live and when the topic of Pontus came up, this was how he answered.

“There’s a reasonable answer to all of this. You look at the Championship now and Financial Fair Play, or Profitability and Sustainability as it’s now called, has been talked about, talked about, talked about. Last year, for the first time, you saw the rules have teeth. You saw Birmingham cheat the rules, bust the bank and they had a horrendous year the year before last, spent way above their means and you saw they got a nine-point penalty. People talk about it and people have scant disregard for it, but we have to be very mindful there are a set of regulations in place we have to adhere to because we can’t run the risk of having point deductions, particularly when we’re chasing the dream of the Premier League. Imagine if that had happened to us this year, so close and to get nine points taken off.”

Maybe we’re sailing far closer to the limit than we all thought we were if £3-4million makes that much of a difference?

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2 Replies to “Club Director Supports Jansson’s Version Of Events On Sale”

  • I’m sorry, but my understanding of the english language must be shockingly poor. I’ve read the article 3 times now and fail to see where there is a direct link with what this chap said, and the Jansson sale.

    Yes, people are making the link, but the Financial Director most certainly didn’t. He’s answered a question like a politician by rambling about what’s already know about a subject close to the one that the question was about, without actually answering the actual question.

    If I’m wrong, perhaps someone could point out where I’m interpreting this incorrectly?

    • The coverage of it that I’ve seen basically saw him jump straight to FFP, so people are going to draw conclusions from that when it comes to Pontus. Despite the low fee which still surprises me, it also seems to make some sense that whilst there might have been a disagreement of sorts between Pontus and Bielsa, it certainly wasn’t the shotguns at 12 paces that some have tried to paint it as. I think the small FFP benefit here, probably just tipped the balance on finding a quick and simple solution that suited everyone, even if most are sad to see him leave.

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