Date: 19th May 2019 at 8:35pm
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With massive disappointment last week as Leeds United saw Play-Off hopes evaporate in our Championship second leg Semi-Final against Derby County, the mood around the club has obviously, and understandably, been quite low – even for those who are more optimistic about 2019/20.

Chief Executive Officer Angus Kinnear sent a rallying cry to club staff, urging them to stick together in the wake of defeat and also bizarrely included an offer of pizza to improve morale. Either way, this was nicely leaked on social media and it certainly had me smiling when I stumbled over it.

In case that doesn’t appear, the full text is.

“I am sure like me that you feel pretty s*** this morning and it is natural to be down today. However this is not time for self pity. We should all reflect on the great season we have had both on and off the pitch. Whilst we have not realised our dream this year I know we have created the foundations which mean we will ultimately achieve it.

“We have had our most successful season in the Championship for a decade, reinvigorated the best Academy in British football, re-engaged with our local community and delivered record commercial revenues. The margins between success and failure in football are very fine and you should all be proud that you have been part of getting us so close. We are proud to have you as part of the team and that together we have made our support proud of their Club again.

“I woke up this morning with even more determination and resolve to get this Club back to where we belong. We should stay United and use the memory of the many highs of this season and the wonderful response from our City as inspiration, Andrea, Victor and I have already begun planning for next season and Andrea remains as committed as ever.

“Leeds United will never do things the easy way and we all know that we will have to achieve our goal with the world against us. This will make our eventual success all the sweeter.

“We will be ordering in pizza for lunch at Elland Road in what I accept will be a futile attempt to improve morale.

“Marching on Together!


I’ve bolded the key bit for me, Kinnear could’ve sent the same thing direct to fans and I’m sure they’d have massively appreciated it as well.

Small reasons for optimism, but having run it so close this year despite being hampered by our incredible injury problems over the season, there’s no reason to think that with the right strengthening over the summer we can’t use this heartbreak as motivation and ensure we go one step further next campaign.

The reaction from fans to his words was rightly incredibly positive.

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