Date: 9th June 2018 at 11:50am
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Regular visitors to Vital Leeds will recall that, in an article, I suggested that an ideal candidate, for the vacant managerial role, to lead us out of the Championship was Steve Bruce.

Our article, Click Here, carried the inference that Leeds United could benefit from Bruce’s managerial experience that has seen him gain promotion from the Championship to the Premier League on a couple of occasions.

Well, it now appears that the club may have come around to our way of thinking.

According to the respected news source, the Telegraph, Leeds United have taken advantage of the perilous financial situation Aston Villa find themselves in, by enquiring as to whether Steve Bruce, who has yet to have his position at Villa Park clarified, would be interested in making the switch to Elland Road.

However, delving into the world of social media, we find that the speculation has received a mixed response.

In favour:

But, there seem to be far more against the move, with some supporters having long memories:

Here at Vital Leeds we’ll keep a watchful eye out for any further developments and report back as deemed appropriate.


22 Replies to “Bielsa Talk Diminishes As Another Candidate For The Leeds Vacancy Emerges”

  • No thanks to Steve Bruce claudio raneri will do can’t stay in this division any longer get us out this term

  • Yes Bruce hated our guts and he’s had no success at all keeping teams in the premiership, Bielsa, Ranieri or Mick McCarthy for me, given nearly £100 mil in transfer money and still struggled during season , MOT ALAW.

    • Totally agree. Ranieri would be my choice anyway – massive experience, good tactician and less volatile than Bielsa. We don’t need any more tantrums at ER, we’ve got enough on our plate having a rubbish Director of Football trying to make us a laughing stock.

  • Whoever wrote this is an absolute donkey. Talks with Bielsa are still progressing and he is expected to evaluate to the proposal given to him over this weekend and then make a decision.

    Steve Bruce as well……. Christ!

  • Bruce would be down the bottom of any list i would put to the board he is as bad as Allardyce when it comes to boring tedious football.Bielsa top then Ranieri then McCarthy after that i wouldn’t feel comfortable in whoever we looked for.

  • Steve Bruce, yes please. With Bruce we have pretty good chance of gaining promotion. Bielsa is an untried entity. His club management record is not impressive, international record is good, but whose wouldn’t be if you have Messi and Aguero to call upon. Waste of money, reported 8 million contract offer could be used to finance the arrival of some quality players. Appointing Bielsa will be an opportunity wasted with Sam Allardyce currently unemployed

    • Alex your surname isn’t Bruce by any chance backing your dad. There is so much wrong with you post, I don’t know where to start – but the highlight is probably Messi & Aguero were about 12 years old when Bielsa was in charge of Argentina so there was probably more chance of him calling upon you than them!

    • No please he spend millions on villa , and he hasn’t managed teams like bielsa or ranieri ,, bruce’s style of football is poor and boring

  • Take your point on his Argentina tenure, but still think his club management record is just not good enough for the money they are willing to pay him

  • Doubt Bruce can be trusted..would he have his heart in it…probably not…Claudio every time before Bruce…Radz must not make a mistake this time…

  • Steve Bruce would be a very big mistake…. And Rad already made that kind of mistake with Heckingbottom,so you can rest assured that he will not be hiring Steve Bruce!

  • Noooo! Bruce is an idiot! Make a mess in Villa and just like hecky! We don’t want him to destroy the great white!!! Piss off bruce!!!

  • No we don’t want Bruce his style of football is shocking spent millions at villa and they didn’t go up,,
    Bielsa I can expect but I’d love ranieri ,but everything at Leeds has to be complicated,,

  • It’s taking far toooo long to bring in the Arg….. we shoul£ put deadline of tomorrow …how long does it take to tell him how much he will have to Spend?! If not him I wouldn’t be adverse t9mBruce coming bu5 would prefervStrahan!!

  • No not Bruce, his successful years are far behind.
    If we fail to get Bielsa
    1st xhoice Zidane
    2nd Raneriri
    3rd Ancelotti ( oops he had been snapped up)
    4th Allerdyce (only to get us out of this division)
    5th Mc.Carthy

    Don’t take this selection too seriously

  • Why is this taking so long we need a manager now or the new season will be another farce
    Get a deal done for a top manager
    He needs time to bed in and get the players together
    Move it leeds

  • What if this Bielsa guy turns out to be over rated expensive crap too? Take a look at his last managerial job , he didn’t exactly set the world on fire there did he? Appointing him would be another huge mistake for AR. We should go and get Raneriri 100%, as he knows the league well and probably isn’t as nuts as Bielsa. Claudio is the most sensible option and he speaks the English language too.
    Failing him Mick mc’carthy would also do us proud.

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