Date: 31st July 2019 at 7:00pm
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Please note before you read this, this is not a ‘Bielsa out’ article.

Whilst I have been fairly critical of him in the past, I don’t think he should be sacked, or at least, not for the time being. He did a fine job last year, taking Leeds from 13th to 3rd, and the football he’s brought to Elland Road has been very pleasing on the eye. I just think some of his decisions need to be scrutinised, otherwise we’re going to find ourselves following him like sheep and bad things will just be brushed under the carpet. OK? We clear?

As was reported a few days ago, Leeds are apparently ‘all but done’ when it comes to the summer transfer window. Who is left for United to target this summer? Well according to LeedsLive, the one remaining man on their radar is Liverpool winger Ryan Kent.

If this final target had been a new centre-back, like Cameron Carter-Vickers who I’m a big fan of, then I’d be approaching the stage where I could forgive Bielsa for finally making the right call. If stories are to be believed that this is how he club intends to attack the last few days of the window, however, then there must be some serious questions asked, because quite frankly it wreaks of stubbornness.

Bielsa has mentioned in the past that he likes to carry a thin squad, but has he not learned with what happened last year? The amount of injuries that come with playing a 46 game schedule, plus any cup competitions, means you need a big squad to compete and they are going into this season woefully underprepared.

Where was the season lost? April. At the business end when players were tired from playing too many games and players were suffering from injuries, most notably top scorer Kemar Roofe.

Whilst the club may be sufficient in attack, just why is the club going into the season with so few centre-backs? I know that it’s something that I’ve been banging on about a lot these past few weeks, but it’s mainly because you fans have been so vocal about it as well.

I know that there are people who can play multiple positions, and whilst it’s good to have utility players at your disposal, you shouldn’t be relying on them to fill out the squad. Take for instance Kalvin Phillips, who has filled in at centre-back a couple of times. Phillips as a defensive midfielder was crucial to how Leeds played last year, and if you force him to play centre-back because you thought you had enough there to start the season and it ends up backfiring, there can be no bigger wakeup call.

‘In Bielsa We Trust’ became a bit of a catchphrase towards the end of last season, but at the moment, it’s getting very hard to trust him. There’s only so much credit that last season’s performances can give you, we need to see an improvement this season. The board are expecting promotion, and if he doesn’t deliver it, then I’ll be calling for Bielsa to go, and the board may be forced to do so as well.

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9 Replies to “Bielsa is failing to learn from his mistakes, it could cost him promotion and his job – Opinion”

  • I’ll be honest I’m a bit worried cb wise , fair enough Pontus been replaced but leaves us in same position as last year, apart from the Finnish lad has gone to Barnsley. Coops is dangerous and ayling injury prone. Put Berra there and your inviting crosses/ risking a red card.

  • I really think our injuries we had last year will surface again this year our squad is the smallest in the championship by far,,, its ok Bielsa saying he likes a small squad,, they can play regularly,,, but cmon them injuiries, dooo happen and it killed us last year,, coops is either amazing or rubbish,,, no in between with him and playing White,, a kid plucked from the lower leagues is not a great decision,,, ok he on brightons books ,,, well I just pray,,, bielsa,, takes us to the promised land,,, in our new pink and grey shirts lol

  • We do need another CB and first team keeper and a striker. Liam Cooper is a reserve great guy but he made a lot of errors in many games from Sheff Utd onwards. Sheff Utd had 4 strikers we had 2 and they are both injury prone. Rodger why he Matthew an idiot for expressing an opinion?

  • Let’s just say that I prefer Bielsa as a manager to you as a scribbler. Easy decision, as one has been respected in his field for decades, and the other is attempting to be a sensationalist clickbait hack.

    You’re still perpetuating this nonsense that the smaller squad affected us through tiredness. Really? I’m inclined to think you never even watched us, with that view. Take our last game of the season. Were were dead on our feet on 70 minutes? No, we were fitter at the end than Direby. Indeed, the same applies for every single game, as I recall. Not once did tiredness affect us negatively. Then again, perhaps I missed it. Perhaps you could specify which players, which games, nature of the impact etc., or does it suit your tiresome assumptions to ignore fact & detail & settle for easy, lazy, unfounded storytelling at its worst? I think we all know why you don’t provide evidence. It patently doesn’t exist other than in your own little fantasy world.

    • Have to agree re. fitness of squad last season. But Bielsa must take responsibility for us not buying quality at CB and Striker when quite clearly both cost us dearly last season. We were converting 1 shot per 10 created when Norwich and SU were converting 1 per 4 created. And our CBs cost is big time, certainly in playoffs. He’s determined to do it his way and he’s earned it I suppose, it’s just that I don’t think his way works over a long, competitive championship season.

      • First of all, we had our best defensive record for many a season. 3rd best in the Championship for the season, and yet we still persisted with the ‘attack, attack, attack!’ approach, complete with the well known (and very real) associated risks of such a style of play. Would a ‘quality’ CB really have made a difference? If so, in what games, and why? I remember a lot of ‘quality’ players we’ve signed in the past. We very quickly got rid at a loss.

        I actually have a theory about our poor conversion rate, and I think there’s some substance to it. If you think of our ‘attack, attack, attack!’ style of play, we compress 10 or 11 opposition players into the penalty box. Very difficult to score in these circumstances, and often it’s deflections from our own attackers that prevents shots going in. And yet we scored so many goals! Can’t remember if it was a record or not, but it compared very favourably to our past records. And all this with such a poor conversion rate. Would I prefer us playing Monk-style over-defence & rely on converting the single chance we create? (OK, I’m exaggerating, but you know what I mean 🙂 ).

        Bottom line: I love Leeds. l used to love football. At last, I do once again. No more watching through my fingers. It’s more that you can’t even look at your watch for fear of missing something these days. If watching this style of entertaining attack-style football means that we never get promoted, I’ll settle for that. Can you imagine if we had got promoted this season? No doubt humped 38 times, often by dreadful clubs with 15k spectators and squillions they don’t know what to do with. Entertainment & lots of wins for me every time! 🙂

  • Who are you dickhead? I’ve supported Leeds since Revie days and seen brilliant football being played and utter shyte as well last season was the best for over a decade and that was because of Marcello so just shut the f up

  • Bielsa got the best out of his players last season but the guy is stubborn, he’s a one-trick pony who plays gung-ho football and just doesn’t do defence, or game management. We’ll entertain again, especially with that efite away kit, but, with a weakened squad, there’s little hope of even making the play-offs.

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