Date: 2nd January 2020 at 1:00pm
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It might seem a little bit harsh to keep pointing it out.

But until he can eradicate the mistakes totally from his game and stop costing Leeds points, then I don’t really have a lot of choice.

Leeds drew 1-1 with West Bromwich Albion last night to leave things pretty much as they were at the top of the table in the Championship, at least as far as the top two are concerned anyway, however things could have been a lot different if it weren’t for a mistake made by goalkeeper Kiko Casilla in the build-up to West Brom’s goal.

Rather than opt to catch the ball, push it over the bar for another corner, or put it into an area of relative safety he punched the ball right up into the air, keeping pressure on the defence until the ball was eventually bundled over the line by Semi Ajayi.

And it was a moment that certainly didn’t escape the eyes of these Leeds United fans on Twitter, as they tore into the Spaniard for his part in the goal.

Are you concerned errors could creep back into Kiko's game and cost us points?





Although I’m not his biggest fan, I do think the comments mentioning the potential ban are going a little bit too far.

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4 Replies to ““Back with a vengeance”: These Leeds fans slam into player who keeps “costing us games””

  • Always the same with some Leeds fans. Sick and tired of hearing about how Casilla costing Leeds games! Last season it was Berardi; this season some fans had a go at Phillips tackling! Leeds played west Brom off the park yesterday causing them to play the long ball and hope for the best. What about the 3 saves from Casilla that kept us in the game eh? All keepers make mistakes it’s the nature of the game right? Forward makes a mistake he can recover; Keeper makes one mistake it’s remembered forever! We win as a team, we lose as a team. Casilla has kept us in the game on many an occasion this season. Get off his back! Leeds as a team are playing some great football; mistakes happen. Team that makes least mistakes will win the title. West Brom are beginning to crack! if anything Brentford are showing relentless consistency! get behind the team Lads! come on LEEDS!!!!!

    • Well said dude. Kiko may have made a few mistakes of late. But so called fans just easily forget the games he has also helped us get 3 points. He is our Kiko so go find somebody else to knock

  • Were you so called leeds fans watching the same game as me,cassilla made three or four excellent saves buring the game

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