Date: 2nd June 2018 at 11:03am
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Typical, I turn my back for a second, courtesy of a private engagement, only to return to the fold and discover that Leeds United and yet another manager have parted company.

This time around though, I’m not too surprised that the axe has fallen on Paul Heckingbottom who took on the role back in February.

Heckingbottom’s far from impressive record of just 4 wins in 16 games was never going to convince the Leeds United hierarchy that his tenure was going to be a long one and that the 40-year-old was destined to bring the glory days back to Elland Road.

But, whilst I wasn’t surprised that the axe has fallen, what was the reaction on the ever-evolving world of social media?

Taking time out to flick through numerous tweets, I’ve selected a couple that caught my eye.


Now I have to admit, that one made me chuckle.


Now that would be some appointment, but, unfortunately, very unlikely.

But, flicking through the numerous tweets, it’s hard to find one that doesn’t support the axing with the one below being typical of those doing the rounds:

But, given the choice, who would you like to be given the opportunity to lead our famous club out of the Championship wilderness and into the promised land that is the Premier League?

Please feel free to drop your choice into the comments facility beneath this article, it’d be appreciated.


3 Replies to “And Another One Bites the Dust”

  • The way you lot run a once great club is a joke you are a complete shambles Ian hollowhead is free hahaha ????????????

  • Cannot see this working out,Brian Clough was a maverick and see what happened there,Mick McCarthy for me,will Liam Cooper and the rest of the squad comprehend this tactical genius.On a lighter note looks like we’re getting Jack Duckworth.we just need Vera. Kind regards.ivan

  • The Promised Land?, get Bruce Springsteen in or: I’m available and I’d put a rocket up their asses being ex military, and I have a degree in leisure management. I’ll leave New Zealand tomorrow, been a fan since 1974, why on earth do these so called professional footballers and coaches get paid! Got no heart at all, let me sort them out! Seriously though, why did Redders get sacked, if this is happening now?

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