Date: 5th September 2019 at 12:00pm
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Looks as if the last lingering remnants of ‘Spygate’ are still holding up amongst Leeds fans.

Although when you think about it, it’s quite possibly one of those things that will really never go away despite coming out of something rather small. Similar to how Brighton v Crystal Palace has been a massive rivalry between the two fan bases because of an FA Cup tie back in the 1970s, this has all the makings of a rivalry that could go on for some time. Particularly if the fans keeping finding things to mock each other with, like this for example.

So it turns out that when Derby County sold their stadium Pride Park to owner Mel Morris as a way of circumnavigating Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules, that might not have been the brightest idea for them. According to reports, an investigation is being set up to work out whether or not Derby’s valuation of the ground was correct.

Now I must admit, I’m not the smartest when it comes to FFP, so I’m not entirely sure what the most likely, or most suitable punishment would be, however I am looking forward to seeing what the outcome of this investigation is, just like these Leeds fans.

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